From an Obsessive Optimist in the Eye of A Hurricane.

life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; It's about learning to dance in the rain.

In Search of Symmetry – Day 28 Breast Reconstruction

on April 26, 2011

Dr. Susan, the PA at my oncologist office called today.  She called to let me know that she had called in my thyroid prescription.  She asked me how the DIEP flap surgery was and was it what I expected.  For just one minute I felt the terror I had felt when I woke up in ICU, in incredible pain and hooked up to many, many machines.  I begged everyone in the room to put me back to sleep.  The next time I woke up, I was still in ICU, hooked up to many machines, including a catheter, but the pain was bearable.  It might have been the morphine pump!  I was so thirsty, my nurse would only give me ice chips.  I had my own nurse.  I was in ICU for 3 days. 

Doppler is more than radar, it is also how  the baby heartbeats were checked on  my new breast.  At first the Doppler heartbeats were checked every hour, then every two hours, then every four hours.  These heartbeats are checked where the blood supply to the new breast is attached by microsurgery to the chest wall.  Dr. Saint Cyr is my hero and my new breast is worth all the trauma.

The picture above is what I traded for a breast!  Thank you, Dr. Saint Cyr, it was an excellent trade.

The first surgery is all about getting the stomach tissue to live as a breast.  I was presently surprised to see a breast shape.  There is no nipple.  All the pretty parts come in the second and third surgeries, which are much shorter.  These surgeries are outpatient surgeries.   

    Even when the way goes through
      Death Valley,
   I’m not afraid
      when you walk at my side.
   Your trusty shepherd’s crook
      makes me feel secure. 

  You serve me a six-course dinner
      right in front of my enemies.
   You revive my drooping head;
      my cup brims with blessing. 

  Your beauty and love chase after me
      every day of my life.
   I’m back home in the house of God
      for the rest of my life    Psalm 23:4-6  The Message

When I woke the first time in pain and terror, all I could think of was “put me back to sleep!”  The rest of my time in the hospital, six days, I felt perfect peace that my breast would live and everything was OK.  I could feel the prayers that were prayed for me, covering me.  I pray for you, dear reader, to feel that perfect peace in whatever storm or terror you may encounter.  I am praying for you.

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